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7 million Italians will buy Christmas gifts on the Internet

http://healthcorevalue.com/2018/03/investing-commodity-managed-futures-via-the-world-wide-web/ It says a search: TNS International carried out on behalf of eBay.it

go to link The major traffic flows and purchases, planned for the day:
December 12, 2011, via the mobile platform
and December 19, 2011, via traditional computers.

http://xconify.com/disclaimer/ Where the Italians will buy gifts?
On the Web, of course.

How many will they be?
Over 7 million people.

Purchases from the phone:
– 10% will buy them ‘from your mobile phone

Italian undecided?
For all there is a delay in holiday shopping:
61% of Italians will start ‘to think about Christmas presents only in December,
and 18% will wait ‘the last days to buy their Christmas gifts.

The most ‘sought after and cherished gifts are:
– Travel (23%),
– Clothing and footwear (13%)
– Watches and Jewels (9%)

The reasons of buying online:
– 77% for the bargain price
– 59% time savings for
– 52% for this great offer
– 50% because ‘you can’ do at any time, without time constraints

The street furniture purchases on eBay in 2010, were: $ 2 billion.
In 2011 it is forecast to around 5 billion dollars.

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