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On the Internet, there are dozens, if not hundreds of SEO guides. There are scarce, medium ones, and those semi-advanced, written in Italian. To find an updated SEO guide, it (as often happens – ed) look abroad.

SEOmoz has for some years developed guides to SEO. Unfortunately, however, they are written in English, and as far as the English language can be spread around the world, in Italy (as often happens – editor’s note) we are light years behind, and limps to translate SEO resources from English into Italian. The SEO SEO moz guide, in my opinion is the most complete, though, you will not find anything particularly “advanced” if you are SEO professionals, but for beginners, this SEO guide, is a valid start.

In particular, SEOmoz, has developed 3 guides for SEO:

1) The SEO Guide for Beginners
2) The Social Media Guide for Beginners
3) The guide Link Building for Beginners

In this way, the staff of SEO moz, you are guaranteed a “truckload of” free and spontaneous links. And in fact the SEOmoz website is almost always in the top 10 on Google, in any country will try to look for a SEO guide.